Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

The praying mantis is a captivating insect that intrigues many with its alien appearance. It’s not just a skilled hunter with astonishing camouflage ability; it also symbolizes mindfulness, stillness, and spiritual focus. Its ability to turn its head 180 degrees and move deliberately highlights a sense of awareness and intention that resonates with many spiritually. Here are some praying mantis spiritual meanings you might want to know.

The praying mantis spiritual meaning

If you read our article about The Astonishing Lifecycle of a Praying Mantis, you know that this insect is a master of mindfulness, patience, and timing. It can stay in one spot for days, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

The spiritual meaning of praying mantis

The mantis teaches us the importance of being aware of our surroundings and maintaining a calm and focused mind. It teaches us that waiting for the right moment can often lead to more favorable outcomes than impulsive decisions. In our fast-paced world, the praying mantis reminds us to slow down, practice patience, and understand that timing is crucial in many aspects of life, from personal growth to professional endeavors. In essence, the praying mantis teaches us to appreciate silence, be patient, and delve into our spiritual path for a deeper connection and personal growth.


The praying mantis represents various qualities such as mindfulness, intuition, patience, and balance. In many cultures, it represents inner guidance, wisdom, and the importance of stillness in navigating life’s complexities. Additionally, it embodies traits like adaptability, focus, and clarity of vision. The praying mantis is often viewed as a symbol of spiritual growth, transformation, and harmonious living in alignment with nature.

Christian symbolism: The praying mantis is seen as a symbol of piety and religious devotion because its posture looks like it’s praying, reminding people to keep their connection with God strong. Some people believe that if you see a praying mantis, it means God is showing you favor and blessing you. Others might see the mantis as a connection to an ancestor who has passed away, suggesting a spiritual visitation from beyond.

Biblical meaning

The praying mantis holds intriguing biblical symbolism, even though the exact term isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Bible:

Green praying mantis: Green usually means good things like wealth and growth. If you see a green praying mantis, it means you might soon have a lot of good things coming your way, like more money or happiness. It also means you’re likely to be healthy and protected.

Brown praying mantis: Brown often stands for not-so-good things, like mistakes or being around bad influences. If you spot a brown mantis, it’s a heads-up that you might need to say sorry for some things or try to clear away the bad vibes. But, brown can also mean that you’re hardworking and should keep pushing forward without regrets.

Grey praying mantis: Seeing a grey mantis means your heart is in the right place, and you’re living a life that makes God happy.

Dreaming interpretation: If you dream about a praying mantis, it means God is really close to you, maybe even sending you a special message.

Praying mantis meaning in different cultures

Cuisine symbolism: Praying mantises are fascinating insects that have captured the human imagination across various cultures around the world, each attributing unique significance and symbolism to them.

  • In some African cultures, the praying mantis is seen as a divine being, bringing good fortune, and good luck, and embodying wisdom and guidance due to its vigilant stance and patient hunting methods.
  • In Native American culture, these mantises symbolize good luck, wealth, and success. Furthermore, they relate the mantis to their Great Spirit due to its appearance, which includes a triangular head, big eyes, and a slim body, giving it an aura of wisdom and serenity.
Massive praying mantis
A close up praying mantis face
  • Ancient Greeks considered mantises as prophets, believing that their movements could foretell the future.
  • In Chinese culture, the praying mantis symbolizes bravery and skill in combat, often associated with strategic fighting techniques that mirror its precise attacks.
  • In Egyptian culture, while not extensively documented, the mantis likely held reverence as part of nature’s divine tapestry, potentially viewed as a guardian or guide in the afterlife.
  • In Islam, people believe that these insects always face Mecca, where Islam began. They seem to show the way to this sacred place as if they are praying.

Folklores and myths

The mystique of the praying mantis is further enriched by numerous stories and myths that have been passed down through generations. One of the most captivating tales comes from the San people of Southern Africa, who consider the praying mantis a deity named Kaggen, a trickster god capable of taking any form and often credited with creating the world and everything in it.

In Japan, the praying mantis is sometimes seen as a reincarnation of the valiant dead, embodying the souls of warriors and symbolizing honor and bravery. European folklore, meanwhile, sometimes casts the praying mantis in a more ominous light, with tales suggesting that it would lead travelers astray with its gaze or even predict death.

Encountering a praying mantis: omens and meanings

Praying mantises are known for their stillness, focus, and patience when hunting. If you see a praying mantis in real life, it can be a reminder to bring these qualities into your own life. They teach us the importance of staying calm and waiting for the perfect time to act. Additionally, their serene posture is linked to meditation and spiritual awareness, encouraging us to connect with our inner selves and the world around us.

Dreaming about praying mantis often carries deep meanings. They’re seen as a signal to look inward and think deeply. Praying mantis in dreams is like a reminder to focus on what truly matters and not get distracted by surface-level stuff. This dream might be nudging you to slow down, think things through carefully, and make decisions with purpose. It could also be a sign to be patient and trust that things will happen at the right time, advising you to prepare instead of rushing into action.

Praying mantis as power/spirit animal and totem

If the praying mantis is your spirit animal, you embody traits of focus, calmness, and resilience. You approach life with maturity and patience, allowing you to triumph in situations where others might falter. Fearless yet measured, you understand your capabilities and are unafraid to take calculated risks to fulfill your potential. Like the mantis, you are a determined fighter who confronts challenges head-on, never backing down from adversity.

The praying mantis spiritual encounter

With the praying mantis as your power animal, you possess a remarkable sense of timing that can greatly influence your success. Whether you realize it or not, timing is often the key factor in achieving your goals. You know how to overcome challenges and do well even when things are tough. If you’re ever not sure when to do something, just trust in the wisdom of the mantis.

If the praying mantis is your totem animal, it means you’re naturally good at staying balanced and flexible in life. No matter what happens, you can keep your cool and adapt, just like how a mantis moves gracefully. You deal with things calmly, only taking action when you really need to, just like a mantis does. Others might see you as calm and thoughtful, maybe even thinking you’re a bit distant. But your totem teaches you that feelings come and go, and that being patient is important when facing problems.


Why do I keep seeing a praying mantis?

You keep seeing the praying mantis because it encourages you to trust your inner wisdom, have faith in unseen energies, and go with the flow of life. It suggests taking time to reflect, reassess, and discover hidden truths about yourself.

What does it mean when a praying mantis lands on you?

When a praying mantis lands on you or your hand, it’s like a message telling you to look inside yourself, listen to your instincts, and welcome personal growth. It’s a hint to spend some quiet moments reflecting, seek advice from your inner self, and be ready for good changes, like starting a new job, moving, or making important choices.

What does it mean when a praying mantis lands on your car?

If you see a praying mantis on your car, it might be a hint to be patient and wait for the perfect timing. Just like the calm mantis, it’s good to take a moment, watch, and wait for the best opportunity to do something. Don’t rush into action; instead, take your time and observe. It’s important to stay calm and peaceful, even when things seem hectic or difficult.

What does it mean when a praying mantis is at my door or window?

Seeing a praying mantis on your door or window is a sign of peace, patience, and mindfulness. It’s like a reminder to take things slow and find inner calm. Pay attention to timing, think about your journey, and be open to spiritual messages and gut feelings.

What does it mean when seeing a dead praying mantis?

It’s believed that finding a dead praying mantis could mean it’s time to think deeply about yourself, reconsider your choices, or act.

Is it illegal to kill a praying mantis?

No, it is not illegal to kill a praying mantis. However, some cultures consider it bad luck to kill a praying mantis because they are seen as symbols of good luck and spirituality.


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