4 Interesting Facts about Pink See-Through Fantasia – the Nature’s Neon Ballet

The pink see-through fantasia, is a mesmerizing spectacle that blurs the lines between what’s real and what’s magical. This captivating species leaves the world in awe, showcasing the boundless creativity of Mother Nature and sparking scientific curiosity about its mysteries. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore interesting facts about the pink sea-through fantasia.

Pink sea-through fantasia
Scientific name: Enyptiastes eximia
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Holothuriidae
Order: Elasipodida
Family: Pelagothuriidae
Genus: Enypniastes

1. They have a see-through body

The incredible organism known as the pink sea through fantasia, alternatively referred to as the “swimming sea cucumber” or the “headless chicken monster,” captivated researchers upon its discovery in 2007. Belonging to the echinoderm family which includes starfish and urchins, this weird sea creature possesses a distinctive and captivating appearance, as its mouth, intestines, and anus are conspicuously exposed on its exterior.

This sea cucumber species exhibits a translucent, gelatinous body with a delightful pinkish color, which lends it its distinctive name. Scientists still don’t know the precise size of the pink sea through fantasia, but they assume that it has a similar size to other related species. It can measure between 4.3 and 9.8 inches (11-25 cm) in length. An intriguing characteristic of this creature is its bioluminescence, which refers to its capability of emitting light.

All of these characteristics give it a peculiar look that resembles an alien from outer space.

2. Pink see-through fantasia Habitat

The pink sea-through fantasia was unveiled in the Celebes Sea, a secluded expanse of the western Pacific Ocean that encompasses the Philippines’ Mindanao Island, Sulawesi, the Sangihe Islands, the Sulu Archipelago, and Indonesia. Resting at a depth of around 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) below the ocean’s surface, this sea cucumber thrives in its distinctive and enigmatic habitat, further enhancing its allure and mystique.

The pink see-through fantasia fun facts

3. They play an important role in the ecosystem

The pink sea-through fantasia is a captivating organism that dwells on the ocean floor, showcasing distinctive traits and feeding habits that distinguish it from other sea creatures. Like other sea cucumber, their diet includes both plant and animal materials.

One of their remarkable features is their feeding mechanism. To eat food, the species use their tentacles to gather benthic sediment and direct it into their mouths. Surprisingly, they complete their feeding process in a mere 64 seconds, yet this short timeframe is adequate for them to obtain a satisfying meal. As a result, they eat from time to time.

The pink sea-though fantasia is transparent with pink color

With the earthworm-like feeding style, this creature plays a crucial role in the marine ecosystem. By sifting through the sediment on the ocean floor, it fulfills a crucial function in oxygenating the surrounding area, thereby supporting the survival of various deep-sea organisms.

4. They glow in the dark

The pink see-through fantasia showcases its extraordinary characteristics and mesmerizing behavior.

In contrast to its fellow dwellers of the deep, the fantasia exhibits a distinct locomotion mechanism. Utilizing a webbed, fin-like structure located near its mouth, it gracefully navigates through the water. This remarkable mobility empowers the creature to venture into uncharted feeding territories, effortlessly scavenging detritus and organic matter dispersed across the ocean floor. Moreover, this agile movement allows the fantasia to outmaneuver potential predators, ensuring its survival in the vast marine ecosystem.

Besides the swimming ability, the pink see-through fantasia also has a secret weapon to keep it safe from predators. It possesses the ability to generate bioluminescence, effectively illuminating its internal organs. This can scare off enemies and keep them away.

Compared to other creatures, the fantasia is still a new species to scientists. There remains a great deal of mystery surrounding this captivating creature that resides within the ocean’s profound depths. Their adaptions, lifespan, etc are still mysteries.

Reference: Seasia.co


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