Top 5 Laziest Animals in the World

It’s good to have a lazy day in a busy world like that. But for some animals, they just spend their whole lives being lazy. All they do is to sleep and eat! Let’s find out those laziest animals with us now!

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1. Nurse shark

One of the laziest animals in the world is the nurse shark. They spend most of the day laying on the seafloor and cuddling each other. That’s the reason why they are called the couch potato of the sea. These sharks can do this because they have the ability to breathe without moving.

Nurse sharks are the laziest animals

For some certain sharks, to stop swimming means to stop breathing. However, nurse sharks can still breathe while resting, thanks to a cuccal pumping technique. They take oxygen into their grills by sucking water through their mouth. And they do the same technique to consume food. To know how nurse sharks hunt and eat food, you can read our guidelines.

2. Lemur

The next laziest animal is the lemur. 16 is the number of hours that lemurs sleep per day. They spend the rest of the time eating and being alone.

One of the most special features of these animals is that the females run the society. Not many kinds of mammals have this power. As the leader, the female lemurs control when and what the group will do. They sometimes bite the males, steal their food, kick them out of their sleeping place, and do physical hostility. You can learn some more interesting lemur facts here.

3. Python

Speaking of the laziest animals in the world, we can’t miss pythons. Although being dangerous hunters, pythons are very sluggish. The dreaded slitherers can sleep for up to 18 hours per day. So why are they so lazy and slow like that?

Pythons only feed once a week, and digesting their completely swallowed prey requires a lot of energy. Besides, their skin shedding procedure also drains their energy. That’s why they must sleep a week straight to reserve and prepare for this.

The python is one of the laziest animals in the world

Unlike other snakes, pythons are not venomous. They kill their victims by squeezing them to death. You may read our article to know more details about how pythons kill prey with the squeezy technique.

4. Koala

Next on the list of the laziest animals is koalas. These creatures are lovely, but they are very lazy. The cute fur balls are only awake for two to six hours per day! This means that they sleep more than 20 hours per day.

Koalas, like big pandas, sleep most of the time because of their food. These animals mainly eat eucalyptus which is such a high-fiber meal. Koalas have to spend huge energy chewing those leaves and breaking them down. And then they get what? Very little nutrition. That’s the reason why they have to sleep more and more to conserve energy.

Although looking cute, koalas are very aggressive when it comes to fighting for a mate. Besides, these creatures are quite stupid. To know how dump koalas are, you can read our article.

5. Sloth

Last but not least, sloths. This animal is one of the laziest and slowest creatures in the world. Its life is all about eating and sleeping, except for the mating season. They curl up or hang in trees to sleep for about 15 hours a day. For the rest of the time, they move through the tree to eat.

You can read our “14 Unbelievable Sloth Facts” to know more about this lazy animal.

Sloths only do their business once a week. This is not because they are even too lazy to poop. Every time sloths climb down the tree to poop, they are risking their lives of being attacked.


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