Top 7 Best Exotic Pets Are Docile and Easy to Maintain for Beginners

Here are 7 best exotic pets for beginners. They are low maintenance and have pleasant characters. Exotic pets are animals that are unusual or not domesticated. However, not all animals that meet the requirements are considered exotic pets, like fish or birds. Exotic animals are another fascinating option if you want to try something new.

1. Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are common exotic pets that have a variety of colors and sizes. Because of its distinctive spotted appearance and loving demeanor, the leopard gecko has become the top exotic pet choice of many people.
There are more than 100 leopard gecko morphs with different colors for you to choose. To pick the color you like and know more about leopard gecko behaviors, you might read more here.

A leopard gecko is smiling

In comparison to other lizard species, these geckos have a simple diet. You can feed them insects at exotic pet shops. They are also friendly, accept to be held, and like socializing with people. Furthermore, their living requirements aren’t very strict. A medium tank is enough for them.

Leopard geckos, like all reptiles, pose a danger of spreading salmonella to humans. Therefore you should wash your hands after touching them.

2. Axolotl

Axolotls are one of the weirdest and most popular exotic pet animals. This creature is from Mexico and is listed as endangered species. However, they are now commonly kept in captivity. You can easily find them in most pet shops or buy them online.

These creatures have some interesting features. However, the most amazing thing is that they can perfectly regenerate their body parts as many times as they want. They can do this for their whole life. You can read our “Axolotl Facts” article to know details about this ability.

Axolotls are a good choice for those who first own an exotic pet because they are not difficult to care for. These salamanders are aquatic species and require very little care. They can live in a small terrarium, but you should give them a tank that is as big as possible. You should also clean the tank and change the water regularly.

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4. Corn snakes

Corn snakes are among the best exotic pets ever. They’re not venomous, easy to take care of, and docile. Besides, they don’t develop to be very big and they are willing to be handled. Like the spotted gecko, these snakes come with many beautiful morphs which you can see in our article here.

They don’t need to eat every day and their food is quite easy. About housing a corn snake, you can prepare a basic vivarium. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your tank is safe because corn snakes can exceptionally escape from it. They will use their noses to press against the glass to detect any evidence of weakness. You can read our Corn snake article to know how to take care of them.

5. Bearded dragons

Bearded dragons, like leopard geckos, are one of the easiest exotic pet reptiles to maintain. They are recognized for being docile and sociable, they like to interact with people. Interestingly, these spike dragons enjoy walking on leash and you can train them to do so.

If children are taught how to handle the animals safely, bearded dragons are great starter lizards for them.
A large environment is not required because they also do not grow to be as huge as some lizards, as long as you they’re not the german giant type. They can be kept in a compact space, such as an apartment.

These species are the almost ideal exotic pet lizards you can have. To know why bearded dragons are nearly perfect pets, you can learn more from our article about bearded dragons.

6. Pacman frog and Budgett’s frog

If you want to have a frog as a pet, you can pick the Pacman frog or Budgett’s frog. They are both good exotic pet frogs with a big mouth. They can eat anything that fits their mouths, even their own kind.

They both make noise when provoked or get angry. But the Bugett’s frog is more aggressive. They will make loud noises, scream, squeak and hiss constantly. Their diets are alike, including insects, mice, snakes, other amphibians, and fish. These frogs can grow up to the size of 5 inches in length. This is the perfect size for pets.

Pacman frogs will have different morphs for you to choose from because they are more popular than Bugett’s frogs. And both species come at a similar price.

So, what to choose? You should read more details about the Pacman frog and the hippo frog to know which suit you the most.

7. Hedgehog

Speaking of the most exotic pets, we can’t miss hedgehogs. However, in some states of America (Pennsylvania, California, New York City, Hawaii, D.C., Washington, and Georgia), it is unlawful to keep them as pets.

Hedgehogs, also known as hedgies, are adorable tiny mammals that are the easiest to take care of. They are covered in quills, from the head to the back and the sides. Their underbelly is full of fur. When threatened, they curl into a spiky ball. It’s hard but you can gradually train them to accept to be held.

Because hedgehogs are not social animals, you shouldn’t keep them in the same enclosure with other animals. They are suitable for persons who frequently travel because they do not suffer from separation stress.

These cute animals are calm and do not require much attention to be content. They also don’t require much grooming. They could be the easiest-maintain exotic pet mammals, they can be even suitable for children.
However, the minus is that hedgehogs are nocturnal. This means they are most active at the time you’re resting.

8. Ball Pythons

Besides corn snakes, there are still another snake species that is the best pet snake for beginners. That’s the ball python. These snakes are normally placid and easy to handle. The toughest part when keeping a python is to get it eats. They can be finicky and refuse to eat on occasion.

Ball pythons can be found in any exotic pet store in the US, except for Hawaii. You need to have a license to have any pet snake here, including the ball python. Depending on the morph you want, the ball python can cost you between $30 – $300. Some rare variants can cost thousands of dollars.

Those are the best exotic pets you can have, They don’t take up too much space, they are easy to maintain, and can handle being alone. So what are your favorite exotic animals as pets? Let us know in the comment below!


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