9 Weird Amphibians You May Never Have Heard of

Amphibians are some of the most fascinating creatures in nature. They have the unique ability to live both on land and in water, which has allowed them to adapt to many different habitats. But some amphibians stand out from the rest. This article will explore some weird amphibians out there and their remarkable abilities.

1. Glass frog

The first member in this list is glass frogs. Glass frogs are a unique species of amphibian found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. These little creatures have a unique feature that makes them hard to miss: their translucent skin!

Glass frogs are among the weird amphibians in the world

Through the skin, you can observe the inner workings of their organs. This is an amazing sight for any nature enthusiast. Glass frogs come in many shapes and sizes. These weird-looking amphibians live primarily on top of leaves near streams and rivers, using their incredible camouflage to hide from predators.

2. Olm

Olm, also known as human fish, is one of the most interesting animals living in the subterranean waters of Europe. This species of aquatic salamander has been observed for centuries but largely remains a mystery.

With its blind eyes, small feet, and long, slender body covered with transparent skin, the olm stands out among its amphibious relatives. It looks like a Chinese dragon. The special thing about it is that it can survive without food for 10 years.

The olm salamander looks like an eel
The term “olm” is a German loanword that could be a variation of the word Molch, which means “salamander.”

Although olms are blind, they still can move and hunt in the dark. Their special features give them the ability to do this. To know how olm salamanders can hunt with blind eyes, you might read our article.

These weird amphibians have been living in their dark, wet environment for 100 years, making them one of the longest-living species on Earth.

3. Chinese giant salamander

The Chinese giant salamander is the world’s largest amphibian. It can reach up to 1.8 meters in length. It’s an unsightly salamander with a flat and thick body, tiny eyes, and a wide mouth. It often comes in brown colors. The albino version has a white or pale orange hue.

These weird amphibians have been around for over 170 million years, making them one of the oldest amphibians still alive today. Unfortunately, their population numbers have drastically declined due to human activity, including habitat loss and commercial fishing. In China, they are a delicacy.

4. Great crested newt

As its name implies, the great crested newt has an impressive crest running along the length of its body. However, only adult males have this feature. The jagged crest will become bigger during the mating season.

The great crested newt lives on land for the majority of its life, but it needs to return to the water bodies to spawn. It’s active at night. These weird amphibians have been designated as protected species in the UK and Europe due to their declining population in recent decades.

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5. Caecilian

The caecilian could be the weirdest amphibian on this list. It has no limbs and looks like a worm or a snake, but it’s an amphibian. This species has segmented skin, big nostrils, and a mouth with sharp teeth. Although it has teeth, this creature doesn’t use them to tear or chew prey. It swallows the whole prey instead.

These weird amphibians mainly live in tropical areas. Among 200 caecilian species, most of them live underground, while there’re some species are aquatic. They can give birth or lay eggs. And they are quite dedicated mothers. The female caecilians will feed their babies their own body parts.

To know the creepy feeding method of caecilian mothers, you may read our article here.

6. Purple frog

The purple frog has existed for a very long time. However, because of its isolated life underground, this species was only officially discovered in 2003. And they are endangered species due to habitat loss, climate change, and human consumption.

Indian purple frogs stand out for their distinct purple color and inflated body shape. Their head and eyes are small, their snout is pointy, making them resemble moles.

Since they live underground, their limbs are powerful and sturdy. These characteristics make it easy for them to dig, but they also stop them from leaping around like other frogs. These weird amphibians don’t go out to the ground unless it’s monsoon season.

You can read our article “Purple frog facts” to know more interesting things about the species.

7. Mexican burrowing toad

The Mexican burrowing toad is one of the strangest amphibians in the world. These weird amphibians have a flat body with colorful, loose, and wrinkled skin. They feature a small head with tiny eyes in comparison to their body. One of the special features of the species is their pointed snout with bumps.

You can see more about Mexican burrowing toad facts on our website.

These toads live underground and only come to the surface to mate. With strong limbs, they can effortlessly dig into the ground. Like purple frogs, they use their back limbs to dig and fall into the soil. These Mexican amphibians can live underground for up to 18 months without eating anything.

8. Surinam toad

Next on the list of weird amphibians is the Surinam toad. The Surinam toad, also known as the Pipa pipa, is a unique species of toad endemic to South America. This amphibian is distinguished by its triangular head, brown flat body, and rugged skin. This appearance makes the toad look like a leaf, helping it to easily blend into its environment.

A Surinam toad is similar a mottled leaf

These weird amphibians have developed an unusual method of reproduction that allows them to protect their offspring safely. After the eggs are fertilized, the Surinam toad mothers will carry those eggs until they are tough enough to get out. This strategy will increase the survival rate of the next generation.

To know detail about this weird reproduction of Surinam toads, you can visit here.

9. Turtle frog

The last weird amphibian on our list is the turtle frog. These frogs are fascinating and unique amphibian species found in Western Australia. Although their name may make one think they are a hybrid species, turtle frogs are actually amphibians.

This pink-purple creature looks like a turtle without a shell. This is why it is called a turtle frog. Moreover, it has a small head with shrunken eyes and a strange blob body shape. Its short robust limbs are used to dig the soil.

Turtle frogs - the weird amphibians

However, unlike the purple frog or the Mexican burrowing toad, this turtle frog doesn’t use its rear limbs to dig. It uses its front limbs instead.


These are the top 9 weirdest amphibians on earth. They possess remarkable adaptations that allow them to survive in almost any environment. From the giant Chinese giant salamander to the tiny Indian purple frog, amphibians come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each species has its own set of amazing traits that make them some of the weirdest animals on the planet.


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